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Anxiety doesn’t have to control your life.

When to ask for help

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is something that everyone feels from time to time and it is a helpful feeling to have. For example, you may feel a little anxious when trying something new or when riding a roller coaster. However, anxiety is also something that can also become out of control and difficult to manage. For many people, anxiety is something that they struggle with on a daily basis. Anxiety can become a persistent worry, fear, or dread that might occur in specific situations (like social anxiety) or happen throughout the day (like generalized anxiety).

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Types of Anxiety

Anxiety can take many forms. Most commonly, anxiety may present as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which occurs when a person has an overarching issue with anxiety that impacts their daily life. Some people also struggle with social anxiety, separation anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks.

Treatment for Anxiety

How to treat anxiety depends on the type of anxiety that you are experiencing. For some, anxiety is directly linked to other mental health issues like depression and trauma. If this is the case for you, we would treat anxiety while also treating depression and trauma in order to better your life. In general, we typically treat anxiety with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to address inaccurate and unhelpful thought patterns. We may also use mindfulness techniques to treat anxiety as well as other coping strategies to manage the physical symptoms related to anxiety. Certain lifestyle changes can also help reduce anxiety. Often, people may additionally seek out medications from a psychiatrist to aid in anxiety management.

anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, anxiety therapy

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My approach to therapy is simple. You are an individual and unique and your therapy should be too. Together, we will work to find the treatment or blend of treatments that suit your needs best.

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