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What is Eclectic Therapy?

Eclectic therapy is an integrative form of psychotherapy that adapts to the unique needs of each specific client in order to meet clients’ specific needs. An eclectic therapist or counselor draws from a variety of disciplines and may use a range of proven methods to determine the best combination of therapeutic tools and techniques to help the client. An eclectic therapist or counselor customizes the therapeutic process for each individual client by using whatever form of treatment, or combination of treatments, has been shown to be most effective for treating a client’s specific problem.

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What to Expect From Eclectic Therapy

Eclectic therapy may seem unstructured at first. While working with your counselor or therapist, you may try different techniques before treatment becomes more consistent. For instance, a cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT) might use principles from sensory therapy and ask questions about your physical well-being and then suggest a form of relaxation therapy to help you focus on any physical discomfort you report. The goal in this case might be to explore emotions related to the physical sensations you have, and to provide options for helping to alleviate the associated physical symptoms. Once emotions are identified, the therapist can switch back to CBT techniques to help you change any negative thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that are causing your distress.

How Does Eclectic Therapy Work?

Using a flexible approach, rather than a more traditional, structured, and straightforward one, the eclectic therapist or counselor is able to tailor the therapeutic process to the needs of the client and determine which modes and methods will be most helpful for that person and their presenting problem. The therapist is not restricted to a one-size-fits-all approach and instead is able to gather specific information from the client and match the form of treatment to the individual and their needs or concerns.

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My approach to therapy is simple. You are an individual and unique and your therapy should be too. Together, we will work to find the treatment or blend of treatments that suit your needs best.

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